Monday, 25 January, 2010

Shanu on the wheels of magic

Wonder boy: Photos of Mohammed Shanu A.R. performing magic by drifting on a pair of roller skates at the Wonder World auditorium of the Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: 14-year-old magician Mohammed Shanu A.R. is adding new style in the history of magic presentation. On 18th of January, he amazed one and all at the Magic Academy by staging a magic show swiftly drifting on a pair of roller skates. The occasion was the certificate distribution ceremony for twenty children who had passed out of a higher course in magical art and science from Poojappura and Kazhakuttam branches of the Academy. Shanu, who has shared the first rank with 12-year-old girl, Asmin Nayara and 15-year-old Shylesh, was performing his part in the magic show by ‘Five Finger’ a magic troupe formed by child magicians.

Like a cool breeze, Shanu glided smoothly from one point to the other on the stage. During this unobstructed movement, magic sprouted profoundly at the tip of the boy’s deft fingers. While sliding on the stage, he showed no inconvenience in picking his props from a table or adjusting himself in front of a microphone. What earned him praise from his guru in magic, Gopinath Muthukad was his adeptness in staging a couple of items like Chinese Linking Rings and Multiplying Balls that even magicians on their firm legs find difficult to manipulate. Drifting around in his dazzling red coat, the boy transformed a burning candle into a bouquet of flowers, changed colours of silks and produced a crystal ball out of soap bubbles. This sort of performance by a child magician is considered to be for the first time in the arena of magic.

A 9th Standard student at the Mannm Memorial Residential HSS, Shanu Shanu has been practicing skating under Santhosh, his master, at the rings attached to the Poojappura Mandapam. He is the youngest son of Majeed and Reena, residents of Poojappura. In the artistic skating category, Shanu could take part in the national levels.

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