Saturday, 23 January, 2010

Dazzling ‘Five Fingers’

Five child magicians form professional magic troupe.

Magic of five: Mohammed Shanu A.R., Alina Gilton, Nadhiya S.M., Asmin Nayara and Anamika Gilton.

Thiruvananthapuram: Here is a team of five child magicians whose enthusiasm has glued them together into a professional magic troupe.

Titled ‘Five Fingers’ they introduce themselves as 14-year-old Mohammed Shanu A.R. in the position of the troupe’s thumb, 13-year-old Alina Gilton as point finger, 13-year-old Nadhiya S.M as middle finger, 12-year-old Asmin Nayara as ring finger and 11-year-old Anamika Gilton as little finger of their team. Why the name ‘Five Fingers’? They readily reply that it’s so because each one of them has an inevitable role in their show.

The idea of forming a troupe was sparked in their minds after a successful public show at Vailopilly Samskriti Bhavan here. The troupe, supposed to be the first one to be formed by child magicians, had no set back since then.

Their memorable performance was not on a formal stage, but on the lawns of Kanakakunnu Palace, where their service was hired by the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum for entertaining the crowd on the occasion of the lengthiest solar eclipse on 15th of January.

Held close to their hearts are certificates they have received from the Indian Institute of Space Technology. There, the ‘Five Fingers’ dazzled a group of school children in the evening on the same day when the former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had inaugurated the camp.

When admiration galore, they with all humility attributes all success to the magic masters of the Academy who have guided them on the roads of magic. These kids also recall with thanks, the support provided by the Office Secretary, S. Sreejith Raj.

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