Friday, 22 January, 2010

Chemical magic enthralls children

Magical chemistry: Prof. R. Haridas demonstrates a chemical magic trick at the Wonder World auditorium of the Magic Academy on 16th of January.

Thiruvananthapuram: Professor in Chemistry with the SV NSS College, Thrissur, R. Haridas who is also a magician, has exhibited his conjuring skills with chemicals. The Chemistry Professor with all adeptness of a magician, introduced colourless substances to bring colours to them and coloured materials to transform them into colourless. A piece of Sodium placed over water contained in a glass trough just amazed around 40 curious children by swirling swiftly in a circular path, producing a weird sound. "See the when sodium mixes with water it produces sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. The emitting hydrogen bubbles push the remaining piece of sodium forward", Prof. Haridas made the magic lucid using the parlance of science. To begin the session this chemistry professor turned magician had a fascinating way. A piece of white paper was pasted over a blackboard. No sooner did the magician press the paper with a wet towel, letters appeared over the paper: "WELCOME".

Instead of usual props of a magician, the chemical magician used a range of glass beakers, jars and dishes turning the venue into a chemical laboratory.

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