Tuesday, 8 December, 2009

Making our art speak

Art can speak. Painter, actor, dancer puppeteer make their performances speak. A magician too does this.

In this process of communication, if other theatrical performances need the spectator to be a little knowledgeable, magic doesn’t need such a prerequisite. Even an illiterate enjoys magic to the same level as a pedagogic literate does.

Magic can promulgate complex ideas and common man’s ideologies with the same degree of ease. For example, magic shows can promote intricate products of the modern world. The same magic sends a simple idea on traffic rules.

Messages when conveyed through a magic show enjoys a permanent place in the hearts of the viewers. The feel of amazement has a big power to crack open even the strongest barriers. Thus magic and its message get ample space in the hearts of the spectators.
Wonders created by a deft magician prompt the spectators to ponder again and again. They become inquisitive. As long as this inquisitiveness is there, the messages of the magic show too haunt them.

Magic shows are capable of communicating ideas beyond the language barriers. Ideas communicated during a magic performance are visual than verbal; psychological than physical and enduring than ephemeral.

Here comes the December of dazzling magic shows. Let us add some enlightening messages on the showbiz.
[Editorial of Vismayam Magical News, November 2009 issue]

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