Wednesday, 23 December, 2009

Christmas Magic Carnival begins

Magic, Christmas, Cake n Carnival: Magician Gopinath Muthukad cuts a magic hat-shapped cake and serves a piece to 9-year-old girl Densi to kick off the two-day Christmas Magic Carnival at the Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: The two-day Christmas magic carnival for children got an exciting kickoff yesterday at the Magic Academy’s Wonder World auditorium.

Dressed as Christmas Papa, magician Haris Thaha amazed children. Christmas Father not only performed a few mind blowing magic, but also trained children perform a few magic numbers. Vanishing a borrowed coin, solving a long mathematical problem in seconds, and the trick of balancing a wine glass on the narrow edge of a playing card were taught by the Christmas Papa.

From the bag of surprises: Santa Clause trains a magic trick to children

To ensure his magic students’ capability, Papa invited 9-year-old girls, Gowri and Densi to the stage and watched their performances. Children were amazed to see Christmas Papa’s drum that produced not only rhythmic beats but also nonstop flow of colourful ribbons. Papa, became star of the event and distributed gifts to participants who answered questions rightly.

Earlier the Carnival was formally inaugurated by the Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad. Mr. Muthukad cut a cake built by Vinod Ambrisia in the shape of a magician’s hat. He said that Christmas and New Year heralded love and hope and it was the occasion for all to reiterate their love for the mother Nation. Magician Shaju Kadakkal trained children on the art of misdirection.

Magician Haris Thaha lived as a magical Christmas Father.

Humorist, Krishna Poojapura invited children to the real-life story of Charlie Chaplin who hid his personal agonies behind the mask of comedy. After a class on the ‘Art of Wonders’ by magician Abhinraj, magicians Dareas and Shahabaskhan Vilakath staged magic shows.

Rib tickling: Humorist Krishna Poojappura burst crackers of laughter.

Carnival will come to a close today with following programmes: 9am: Reporting; 9.30am: Video; 10.30am: Magician Sherin V. George (Psychology and Magic): 11.45am: Magician Karamana Reghu (Presentation of Magic); 1pm: Lunch; 2pm: Dr. Akhila S. Nair (Learn to Live Green); 3pm: Dr. Ezhumattur Raja Raja Varma (Magic of Malayalam); 4pm Certificate Distribution, Valedictory with a magic show presented by Five Fingers – a team of five Magic Academy students. The team comprises of child performer in magic, Nadhiya, Asmin Nayara, Alina Gilton, Anamika Gilton and M. R. Mohammed Shanu.

Magician Abhinraj explained to children what the 'Art of Wonders'is.

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