Thursday, 3 December, 2009

Awesome magic carries AIDS day message

Magic of Red Ribbon: Health Minister, P.K. Sreemati with Gopinath Muthukad performing a magical launch of information kit released by Kerala State AIDS Control Society in Thiruvananthapuram.

Thiruvananthapuram: State-level function organised by the Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) was held at the University Senate Hall here on the 1st of December. To carry the messages of the World AIDS Day, the KSACS has roped in the assistance of Gopinath Muthukad and his magic. A connoisseur of magical communications, Mr. Muthukad did his job in a thoroughly fascinating way. In between his 120-minutes’ entertainment magic show titled, ‘World of Illusions’, he inserted a few customized magic to speak poignantly on the facts on HIV and AIDS.

The magician began his performance as usual with a thrilling appearance and production of a team of artistes from nowhere. After a few electrifying items the time came for magic with a message. “There are four major ways of getting HIV infection. This includes unsafe sexual relations, unhygienic syringes, transfusion of unsafe blood and an infected mother from whom the child in the womb gets the infection”, Mr. Muthukad started with saying these. Then a young energetic football player was introduced.

The magic show then sketched a story of this youth who out of curiosity tries for the first time in his life, a dose of drugs from the syringe gifted by his friends. However he averted a big danger and got his life elongated. Thanks to the Joythis Kendra were he was tested for free and confirmed HIV positive and the Ushus Kendra where he got free Anti Retroviral Treatment. Final message of the show was this: “Anybody can become HIV positive, but they can lead a happy life through timely tests and prompt intake of ART medicines. Remember, HIV infection is as manageable as Diabetes”, saying this, the magician stopped the magic with a message and continued with his stellar entertainment part of the show.

The World of Illusion then continued with all its glitter and glamour carrying the spectators to a world of fun, fantasy and fascination. Doctors and health workers of the KSACS were all praise for the magician who conveyed the messages in an impressive style.

In between, the Minister of Health, P.K. Sreemati was invited to the stage and was given a magic wand. In no time the minister tapped a blank frame with the wand, envelop embedded with a large red ribbon was produced inside the frame. And that marked a magical way of launching information kits to be distributed for health centres.

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