Sunday, 1 November, 2009

Remembering Houdini

A visionary paves his own way. Harry Houdini is an example. Born in Hungary as Erich Weiss, his early life had several trials and tribulations. Along with his parents Weiss migrated to America. They settled in Appleton where Weiss started performing magic. Magic for him earned no good at early times. There were occasions when he didn’t get due recognition as a magician. At first he was fascinated to card magic. Due to his eagerness to be known as the best card magician, Houdini used to describe him as ‘King of Cards’.

Everything is prone to change. Houdini’s destiny too. He found that being a card magician doesn’t make him different. For him it was the beginning of a fabulous life.

Thus Harry Houdini pushed open doors to a new corridor in magic. It was the arena of Escape Magic. Houdini’s escapes were not mere exhibitions. But he added ample doses of performance skill, showmanship and theatre to his difficult acts. While performing straight jacket escape or milk can escape Houdini was able to keep his audience on toes. But there was a hidden wave of entertainment that soothed them. Thus Houdini tricks became a fascination to magic fans.

Today Harry Houdini is an inspiration. He escaped from worldly bondages 83 years ago. We observe Houdini day on 31st of October every year. We add Houdini to our names, too. Houdini didn’t fetch glory because of a name. He is eternal because of what he has contributed. Let this fact lead us.
(Editorial of Vismayam Magical News, October 2009 issue)

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