Monday, 16 November, 2009

Magic students in Kochi show their strength

MAGIK gets a meaning: Executive Director of the Magic Academy, Gopinath Muthukad lights a lamp to inaugurate Magic Academy Alumni Group in Kochi (MAGIK) as the Chairman and Managing Director of the SB Global, R. Balachandran looks on.

If the first impression is the best impression, then the first batch of students at the Kochi Extension centre of the Magic Academy has fetched that too much. In the final examination of the basic course held on 8th of November, they reaped cent percent success comprising of 8 A grades, 13 Bs, 3 C grades and only one in the D level.

Driven by an exceptional quantity of enthusiasm, on 14th of November, they got-together at the Kerala Management Association Hall at Panampilly Nagar here. And their ambition was to launch an alumni organization and present their first performance before a gathering of their families, friends and of course, their guru of reverence, Gopinath Muthukad. The event, a joint effort of the classmates of the first batch, just lived considerably beyond one’s expectations.

Alumni group
In the presence of the Chairman and Managing Director of the SB Global Educational Resources, R. Balachandran, a traditional lamp was lit by Mr. Muthukad to mark the inauguration of the alumni organization, Magic Academy Alumni Group in Kochi (MAGIK).

Inspiring speeches
Mr. Muthukad made a speech that has led his listeners to a magical world built of words. The master magician told that he was a daydreamer as a child. Reclining on the lap of his father, he heard a lot of magical stories of Vazhakunnam. The child was of the misconception that by learning magic, he could have produced snakes that would bit and killed a household staff who the child disliked. “But later I learned that magic is a meaningful medium. Magic can be performed by every human being, but with dedication and practice. There is nothing superhuman with magic”, Mr. Muthukad said to the keenly listening students and their family members.

Mr. Balachandran whose was the idea that realized into an Extension Centre of the Academy in Kochi, said that magic is an art, science and fun that required serious practicing. Speeches concluded with an introduction by K.P. Sivakumar on the current activities of the 13-year-old Academy.

Magical debuts
Then the magical bash began with the entry of High Court lawyer turned magician, M.R. Hariraj appearing on the stage. Mr. Hariraj cut a small thread into many pieces and rejoined them into the original size and shape, to successfully dedicate the programme to the Gandhiji and thousands of freedom fighters of the country. One after the other students stepped into the magic stage in thorough cadence and presented their skill in style.

Many common magic numbers were presented with uncommon ways of presentation. For example, veteran Jaykumar Rao proved his tongue’s ability and fingers’ dexterity through a totally new presentation of the equal-unequal rope number. Hitherto presented as a close-up trick, ‘Last Two Cards Match’ was made an illusion kind of pomp. Thanks to Sreekumaran, whose imagination gave a thrilling climax to the magical evening. There were young magicians, including Anjali Mohanan, Amita Anil, Dazzle Alias Dinil, Rinnu Udayan, Yohan M. Markose, Jaidev J. and Gopika Menon who were trying equally to establish a place second to none.

Standing as one: Group of students at the Kochi Extension centre of the Magic Academy during a photo session with Gopinath Muthukad.

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