Thursday, 5 November, 2009

In style, Ammu vanishes a scooter

Girl magician makes smiling children appear after vanishing a shining scooter.

Magic with motorcycle: Girl magician Ammu (right) covers the two-wheeler with cloth as her father and magician, Rajasekharan Muthukulam assists.

Girls are ahead in all spheres of current world. And the girl magician Ammu is a little more ahead in adding pinches of creativity on her magic stage. Recently she not only drew a two-wheeler blindfolded, but also stepped ahead and vanished the motorbike very comfortably on a very bright stage. People stared at the magic girl with a purposeful intention to find some secret behind her much-talked performance. But they were all disappointed and could only remain with their mouths open in perfect awe.

The occasion was a recently held public meeting to launch an Ambulance for the residents of Pallippad Panchayat in Alappuzha district. 17-year-old degree student, Ammu’s aptitude in the art of awe is already famous. Hence something wonderful was a well-expected thing from her.

However she left the usual ways of stunning her spectators and roped in the assistance of a valued guest, the Sub Inspector of Police, I.T. Manoj. The officer did his duty with beauty and the girl was perfectly blindfolded in seconds. Some one assisted her climb the vehicle. Holding sternly on its handles, the magician drove the vehicle forward. Seemingly sightless, she had the sight of a magician to avert all dangers and safely land on the bright stage. A round of applause was showered to her. But it was no end. The magic continued and after unfolding her eyes, she addressed the audience with her usual, very talented speech.

Then Ammu wrapped the two-wheeler with a sheet of cloth. At the count of three, the cloth cover was removed and the scooter was nowhere. Instead of the shining two-wheeler, smiling were two toddlers - a girl and a boy. This was enough for the entire audience to sunk into the depths of surprise. It took a few seconds for them to emerge in to the reality that they were watching an exceptional performance by an unusually talented girl magician, their darling Ammu. A thunderous applause was what they could provide then. And standing at the pinnacle of happiness like a queen, Ammu offered an achiever’s smile at her loving spectators.

Ammu is one of the busy girls who pursue magic in Kerala. Ability to perform magic with impressive speech has been one thing that keeps her on top of her counterparts.

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