Monday, 23 November, 2009

Back from the paradise of magic

Nakul Shenoy on the magical experiences gifted by his recent visit to the U.S.

Delightful rendezvous: Magician Nakul Shenoy (left) is back after an exciting U.S. tour. In this photo you find him with legends of contemporary magic, Max Maven, Eugene Burger and Marco Fida.

My recent trip to Las Vegas, USA was characterized by meetings with the legends of magic, gaining inspiration and guidance from them. Max Maven, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Banachek, Bob Cassidy, Andy Nyman, et al. under one roof for three days and late nights was a phenomenal experience.

My personal special highlight was the Indian contingent at Mindvention 2009 in a much larger strength – India being represented by Pradip Amladi, Rakesh Syam, and myself, plus a couple of international attendees of Indian origin. Catching up with some of the best performers from the world-over – good friends I had not yet met in person – was really special.

Las Vegas continues to charm with some of the very best magic in the world, with Luke Jermay’s MENTAL being the latest addition to the long list, while Mac King remains the most entertaining.

Visiting the Magic Castle in Hollywood was special too, for it hosts the best magicians and their acts, and a wonderful magical atmosphere. The perfect icing on the cake was my Guruji - Bob Cassidy’s lecture at the Castle, moderated by my friend and mentor Michael Weber.

After all this, I can only await my next trip with bated breath!

With Rakesh Syam and Pradip Amladi at Mindvention

(This is a reproduction from November 09 issue of Vismayam Magical News in which the author is a columnist.)

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