Tuesday, 6 October, 2009

New lessons on Close-up

Sherin V. George to unfurl 70th episode of monthly PPC on 10th Oct.

Thiruvananthapuram: Magician Sherin V. George comes up to share some of the hitherto untold information on Close-up magic. During 70th Perfect Performer Course (PPC) scheduled for 14th of November, Mr. George will present new lessons of making Close-up magic more impressive and meaningful.

To be in touch with magical maestros and exchanging latest know how in magic has been his hobby. This, of course has proved a gainful thing for him. He has a notable ability in teaching. "To be a successful magician is a difficult thing. Still more difficult is to be a good teacher in magic. This is a quality that Mr. George has acquired well ahead" says a senior hand in magic who has attended earlier sessions of his PPC.

An investigator in the depths of psychology, this researcher is fast preparing for the release of his Ph.D. theses. He is carrying on with his studies as a research scholar in Psychology at the Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University. He is also engaged as a part-time tutor at a college of nursing in Kottayam.


maithreyi said...

Hello, seen you in nammal thammil and searched for u & found u here.R u doing phd in psy.. or magic?

Magic Academy, India said...

Thank u maithreyi.
Pls contact Sherin V. George, our faculty member and a Ph.D scholar with the Kalady Sanskrit University at his email: magiciansherin@yahoo.co.in. His 04822268338 (R)
Warm regards,
Magic Weekly