Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Freedom to teach and to be taught

[Editorial appeared in the August number of Vismayam Magical News]

Magic grows into a flowering branch of entertainment tree with the grace of artistic talents of its performers. It sustains with the support of scientific inventions and technological growth.

From Arctic to Antarctic, magic tricks are the same. But its performers vary, their creativity differ and the supporting aspects of science vary.

When in the beginning decades of 20th century, Harlan Tarbell conducted a postal course in magic, no English magician feared of a bleak future. When Tarbell, due to a recession in 1930s released his course notes in the form of 7-volume Tarbell’s Course in Magic, nobody was shocked. Instead our predecessors in magic gladly accepted it as their Bible in magic.

If everybody learn the same trick and perform, who will enjoy? This is a common concern quite often heard in the magic circles. But there is nothing to be concerned about this.

Classroom study makes all equal. But only creativity makes us different. In short, learning magic means undertaking the responsibility of being creative. To be a magician is not a job told for idle persons. Good lot of responsibility is needed while teaching, learning and presenting magic. It is essential that to be successful, a magician needs to be agile, aspiring and inclined to learn and teach.

Hand in hand, we celebrated the 63rd Independence Day of the country only a week ago. On this occasion, let us do not forget that freedom is there, to teach and to be taught. So in magic, let us take more and give more.

Hearty Onam greetings to all!

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