Thursday, 22 October, 2009

Dareas brings the best of magic

Thiruvananthapuram: Misdirection, modern versions and fresh tricks - wherever found, these three are voraciously grasped by magicians. Believe it: the next Perfect Performer Course to be held on 14th of November would be offering you a good catch of these. And the teacher is magician Dareas (Shibu K.S.) whose expertise is attributed to the PPCs he has been continuously attending ever since its beginning in 2004. This has made him assess precisely the needs of PPC performers.

Mr. Dareas' class there for would contain most of the things longed by his counterparts. He presently pursues magic battling with challenges caused by the job currently he is doing with the State Government's Department of Social Welafare. Register your name for Mr. Dareas’ class to take home your share of assured benefits. Early registration can be obtained at telephone: 0471 2358910 or email:

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