Monday, 21 September, 2009

Magic camp ends unravelling wonders of science

After inaugurating the two-day Science Magic Camp, the minister, M. Vijayakumar interracts with a young participant.

The two-day science-magic camp organized jointly by the Magic Academy and the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum on 19th and 20th of September concluded successfully. The camp held at the Priyadarshini Planetarium hall was attended by around 150 children from different districts of the State.

Patron of the Academy, Prof. O.N.V. Kurup offers presidential address.

Gopinath Muthukad inspires children through his class on the art of magic.

A prediction magic by the Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad was the beginning dose for children. In the role of ‘Magic Uncle’ he stunned his child disciples by exactly predicting the date of birth, before Mamta Pratapan, a 10-year-old girl tried to write it secretly on a piece of paper. Instead of disappointing Mamta and her friends Mr. Muthukad readily handed down the tricks behind this and many other Mathe-magic numbers. Adding wonder to the first day was magician from Mangalore, Prahlad Acharya who trained children in the presentation of a range of basic mental magic techniques.

Karnataka's magic pride, Prahlad Achary's session was indeed a delightful experience for kids.

Science behind magic and magic of science were simplified before young magic fans by Dr. C.P. Aravindakshan.

Erudite scientist, Dr. C.P. Aravindakshan carried children to a world of amazing scientific facts. He taught them how to transform some of the ordinary household scraps into extraordinarily educative magic equipments. He offered the ‘SMART’ technique of combining science and magic with art. There was a show at the planetarium to captivate the children.

Day one concluded with a magic show by Albin Roshan whose excellence in magic was duly honoured through a certificate presented by Gopinath Muthukad's mother, Devaki Amma (left).

Earlier the event was formally inaugurated by the Minister of Law, Sports and Youth Affairs, M. Vijayakumar. The camp would usher in a new culture in the young minds on the mysterious art of magic, the minister said. The Academy’s patron, Prof. O.N.V. Kurup during his presidential address pointed that the event would set a healthy concept in the tender minds regarding the connection between art and science. Director of the KSSTM and Priyadarshini Planetarium, G. Arul Jerald Prakash delivered keynote address. Mr. Muthukad welcomed guests.

First day’s programmes concluded with a magic by teen magician from Kannur, Albin Roshan. The boy magician astonished his young friends by producing a jug of milk and set of balls from thin air. Even though the milk was magically given to a boy on stage, it was later fully tapped through a funnel connected to his ear.

Day two unfurled with an exciting 'Memory Enhancement' class by renowned close-up master, R. Raja Moorthy.

Magician Chandrasenan Mithirmala had a busy time, handing down 25 easy-to do tricks to the participants.

A class on the magical ways of enhancing one’s memory power by magician R. Raja Moorthy and another class on ‘Easy-to do’ magic tricks by his counterpart, Chandrasenann Mithirmala gave an exciting start for the second day. Space Scientist, Dr. U.P. Rajeev taught children how to make a rocket using easily available household materials like thread, balloon, plastic case and pen.

Space was more for amazements during a science experimet session by space scientist and magician Dr. U.P. Rajeev.

Director of the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum & Priyadarshini Planetarium, G. Arul Jerald Prakash gives valedictory speech marking the successful culmination of the two-day science-magic camp.

In a valedictory function that followed, Mr. Arul Jerald Prakash distributed certificates to children. 14-year-old magician A.R. Mohammed Shanu presented a magic show marking a joyful culmination of the two-day programme. Participants of the camp have decided to meet every month on third Saturdays at the Magic Academy.

14-year-old magician Mohammed Shanu A.R. came with a few flamboyant tricks up his sleeve and gave an impressive finish for the whole event.

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