Monday, 24 August, 2009

Labouring with wonders

Load of surprises: On 22nd of September, the silver jubilee celebrations of the Kerala State Headload Workers Welfare Board (KSHWWB) found magical moments when Gopinath Muthukad (right) in the attires of a headload worker weaved magic with the help of an apparently empty carton.

The magic was held in front of a crowd of the public, headload workers and distinguished personalities including the Minister of Labour, P.K. Gurudasan and the Chairman of the KSHWWB, Kattakkada Sasi. Trade-union members with specific uniforms to denote their organisation’s political inclination is an inevitable and common sight in Kerala. But for all those got together there, it was indeed a strange experience to find Mr. Muthukad in the uniforms of a trade union member.

The event was in fact organized by the Board’s able District Chairman, magician Chandrasenan Mithirmala who is also an active magician.

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