Monday, 17 August, 2009

First magic class makes them imaginative story tellers

Light of magical wisdom: Actor Devan (third from left) inaugurates classes by lighting a traditional lamp at the newly established extension centre in Kochi of the Magic Academy. Also seen are (from left) honorary director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala; Chairman & Managing Director of the SB Global, R. Balachandran; M.L.A., K.Babu; Gopinath Muthukad's mother, Devaki Amma and the Academy's Executive Director, Mr. Muthukad.

Kochi: Life experiences of Dr. Cheriyan Umman at his 70s and 10-year-old Dazil has a colossal difference. But the first magic class in their life made them both alike. Both of them had the same degree of excitement as the first magic lesson was unfurled in front of them.

At the newly established extension centre of the Magic Academy, classes were commenced yesterday (16/08/09) transforming all the 30 beginners of different ages into inquisitive children. With all classroom discipline, they keenly listened to the first lesson taught by the masterly Gopinath Muthukad.

Mr. Muthukad had effects accompanied by engrossing stories. In order to introduce a coin-gone trick, he told the tale of a magician who supplemented iron content in his blood not by consulting doctor and taking medicines but by just rubbing a stainless steel coin over his skin. Thus saying, the magic teacher vanished a shining coin over his skin in daylight.

When their turn came for performing what they have learned, students proved their mettle by introducing novel stories of their own. For example, a High Court advocate by profession, Hari Raj recalled the legendary advocate, Mallur who once swallowed a bullet to save his client. Mr. Raj, holding aloft a one-rupee coin proclaimed that in such a situation today, he would just rub the bullet over his skin to get it vanished. When the stories excelled and performances failed, Mr. Muthukad was patient to demonstrate the item several times in front of his students.

Actor Devan and M.L.A., K. Babu were guests of honour when the 13-year-old Academy in association with the SB Global Education Resources began magical education at Panampilly Nagar. Before lighting the lamp to mark the formal inauguration of the classes, Mr. Devan invited Devaki Amma, mother of Mr. Muthukad, to the stage. Honorary Director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala, Chairman of the SB Global, R. Balachandran, faculty member S. Sreekanth and a number of magicians were also present.

As the traditional light was duly lit, magic students remained on their seats with curiosity kindled in their minds. Even though they came accompanied by their kith and kin, once the class began all others except registered students, got the doors opened to go out.

A number of children of age group 10-15 accompany elders in taking magic lessons. The classes are held in two batches: 10.30am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4pm. The current course would conclude with a practical examination on the 1st of November.

A class magic: A member of the faculty team, magician S. Sreekanth (left) displays a card trick to the bafflement of beginners at the Kochi extension centre of the Magic Academy.

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