Thursday, 30 July, 2009

Magic,Your Honour!

Magician Sudheer Madakath

Neeleshwar: Pin-drop silence prevailed at the Sub Court’s hall. On the chair, Judge was seemingly in trouble for an important document was missing. Not lost his sense of humour, he pointed at a young lawyer and asked, “Did you perform a vanishing trick?” 31-year-old lawyer, Sudheer Madakath was at first embarrassed but enjoyed the joke. Then there was a round of laughter.

For Mr. Madakath who dons magician’s coat more often than a lawyer’s gown, this was one of the lighter moments in life.

A graduate in Mathematics, this lawyer-magician is a huge fan of the U.S. magician, Lance Burton. Since the age of 9, he was a daydreamer of magic.

It is already 12 years since he started taking lessons in magic. Gopinath Muthukad’s forays in the magical arena, has been his inspiration. (Incidentally, Mr. Muthukad too is a graduate in Mathematics, who became a professional magician at the cost of his degree in law.)

A lover of magical experimentations, the credit of mixing magic with Theyyam, the folk art goes to Mr. Madakath.

He took a lot of pain to set a show for generating HIV awareness. But gain is there where is pain. “I gave all my devotion and rode 450km blindfolded on a bike to successfully convey the idea”, he recalls.

On 21st of May, Mr. Madakath was duly honoured by the Ambassador of India, Dr. George Joseph in Bahrain. Any dream? Yes he has. “I wish to become a world famous magician and top in the country” boldly he says.

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