Saturday, 18 July, 2009

Magic that brings a smile

This writer, while traveling by a train recently, could meet a young man at his 20s. So charismatic was his figure that nobody would hesitate to give him a gentleman certificate. As time passed, he proved that such an assessment on him was correct.

In the same compartment was sitting an aged couple – a husband aged 78 and wife aged 70. They seemed gloomy, mainly because of a menacing disease for which the husband was undergoing treatment. Their travel was also for the purpose of treatment. They seemed not interested to talk or even pass a smile with anyone.

I just got immersed in a book. No sooner, there was a chuckle that grew into a laughter, totally distracting my attention. It was none but the aged couple laughing again and again. How could they? What magic did make them laugh? There was magic, literally. The magician was none other than the young gentleman! It was one of his fine card tricks that prompted the old couple forget worries and laugh.
I glued my eyes on the three. The young man was now more enthusiastic. He went on doing some rope routines, coin magic and tricks with a pair of rubber bands. At the end of each magic, pleasing a feel was to see the aged man and his wife giggle. A child in them were awakened!

After seeing this, my passion for magic could not be kept suppressed for a long. I approached the gentleman and gave him a hand in appreciation. And there I got one more friend in magic.

Magic is always like this. Wherever performed, it breaks ice, offers a solace and prompts a smile on the faces of its viewers. Magic regains the merriment of childhood for all. In a jiffy it wipes out worries and bottles back the evil of hatred.

The incident inside the train was in testimonial of the healing power of magic. Even though my journey ended at a nearby station, for me, yet another rejuvenated voyage in magic was beginning.

[Editorial published on Vismayam Magical News, June 2009]

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