Friday, 5 June, 2009

Saluting the Environment

An Environmental Day poster published by the UN.

World Environment Day (WED) is at the door steps. Every year on this particular day, the entire world thinks for the environment. And as days go, our eco-consciousness promptly disappears.

Is environment a factor that we should remember just for a day? Never. Environment is nothing at a distant place. We too are integral part of the environment. Hence the wellbeing of our environment means wellbeing of us, too.

Anything around us, the lifeless and living, our pets to pests, beasts of the wild to winds of the deserts, pebbles on the shore to rocks of a mountain, flowers to seeds – what not, everything is an integral part of our environment. It is a symbiotic bondage between all such factors that has enabled life to thrive over the tests of time and reach unto this point of time. When carbon emission exceeds, our Planet heats up. Ice in the poles melt faster. Water level increases along the coastal lines. No country is exempted from the catastrophic consequences of the climate change.

Hence the call of the time is to reduce harm to every environmental factor and ensure a harmonious relationship between living and nonliving elements around us.
Even as we try this, towering are heaps of wastes, pollutants and hazardous byproducts of human development.

But can we stop all developmental activities for keeping our environment untroubled? Not practical, indeed. Needed is development with a keen concern for bringing lesser harm to the ecology. To live an eco-friendly life is as easy as closing the tap while shaving or brushing. Thus you save water. By using re-usable razors with replaceable blades instead of disposable ones, you contribute against plastic proliferation.

Magic shows are one of the most effective media to make people aware about all these points. Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change, is the slogan for this year’s WED.

So start performing your part.

[Editorial of Vismayam Magical News dated 23rd May 2009]

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