Thursday, 4 June, 2009

Happy day for Green magicians!

Magic Academy dedicates its 66th PPC for the cause of eco-magic.

Vaidhar Shah

Thiruvananthapuram: Here is a reason for the greens among magicians to remain happy. As part of the World Environment Day, the Magic Academy has decided to dedicate its 66th Perfect Performer Course on 13th of June, for teaching eco-magic. On that day at the Academy, teaching various aspects of magic with environmental messages will be Secretary of the Cochin Magic Society, Vaidhar Shah. Mr. Shah is noted for his self-conceived magic numbers that uphold eco-friendly living.

In the PPC class, he would be sharing some important points on magic for environmental conservation and water preservation. How to design a magic number to expose the danger of plastic proliferation, will also be shown. With slight alteration, any magic can be converted into eco-magic, Mr. Shah believes.

His ambition is to empower his counterparts to succeed with their environmental crusade.

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