Saturday, 16 May, 2009

Japanese TV crew to film an inspiring tale of a magician

Shooting in progress at the Magic Academy, for a telefilm by the official Japanese TV, NHK.

Thiruvananthapuram: A team of NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting corporation, has arrived at the Magic Academy with the aim of filming the evolution of a young magician. Director, Shota Fujimoto and his cameraman, Hirotatsu Kumagai wishes to film the story of a youngster, to whom magic learning becomes a milestone in life. This, he hopes would inspire the Japanese youth who were in heavy stress due to development as well as recession.

And their search ended at Abhin Raj a 20-year-old nursing student and only son of a husband and wife who are retired government servents. He learns magic for the past five years at the Academy. Soon, Abhin would become the protagonist of a 30-minute-long documentary. The film would depict how an Indian youngster overcomes challenges of his mediocre life by making right choices in life.

Come June, the documentary will be aired on NHK in the slot titled, ‘Asian Smiles’. “Asian Smiles is a slot for inspiring heavily stressed Japanese youth”, says Mr. Fujimoto. He said that the story of Abhin would surely encourage the youth in Japan. To visualise the mediocre life of Abhin, the crew would also take the footages of his house at Manacaud here.

Fujimoto and Kimagai: Taking inspiration from India.

The Japanese team will be here for 10 days. During their stay, they would video record classes, research works and activities going on at the Academy as well as its new branch, the Magic Academy Research Centre, Kazhakuttam. Storyline contains, grooming sessions given to the up and coming magician by the Academy’s Executive Director, Gopinath Muthukad and the restaurant magic performances by R. Raja Moorthy. The video film would also show how Abhin’s magic brings a smile on the faces of patients at the medical wards of his nursing institute. Translator from Delhi, Rajinder makes the communication easier for the Japanese crew.

Bondage beyond boundaries: Japanese telefilm makers and their interpretor from Delhi, Rajinder (second from left) along with Gopinath Muthukad, Abhin Raj (Second from right) and R. Raja Moorthy.

The team has already visited 20 Asian nations in search of inspiring stories. However they are enjoying their first visit to Kerala. ‘Great’ was the comment by Mr. Kimagai, on the debut experience of the duo in the ‘God’s own country’.

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