Thursday, 21 May, 2009

Government, please help magicians!

Magicians of India hope the new Government would support them overcome the worst effects of recession.

Recession is a black magic that use to shock the world at intervals. Its aftermath in 1930s was confined to only a few nations. But in this 21st century, brunt of the meltdown is equally borne by the nations. Thanks to the global village. Yes, a little thought over current economic scenario. Currency slump has affected magicians, too.

Magic is a performing art that stands on multiple aspects. If science and technology form the base, costumes, curtains, light and sound, and travel tax more on its performers. Magic is an expensive art.

When this matter of recession was placed for voting twice in the Magic Academy’s blog, magicians responded heavily. Major comment was that their prospects were badly hit by the recession. Just like any other investor, potential buyers of magical entertainment, too are keeping a mood of abstinence. With an ice-cold silence they just watches and never dare holding events.

Another aspect that makes the period worser for magicians, is the soaring prices of magic gadgets. Here, manufacturer, market and customer that are confined to the compartment of magic, are neither in the mainstream nor in the limelight of economists. As a result, due support from the Government continues to be a mirage for magicians.

An art of unreal wonders, is thus passing through tough realities. Practitioners of the art of awe are now in need of assistance. Hence the magic fraternity looks eagerly for the outcome of the general elections. Can the next government bring magic to the lives of magicians?

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