Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Magic for summer camps

Summer vacations are fast approaching. It’s time for children to dare the sweltering heat and play as much as they want. After a term of devoted learning, such an occasion of fun and frolic is essential for better development of children. Their mind and body take essential leisure during such vacations.

It’s time when parents fear if the vacation would turn their children idle or the vacation camps their children have joined, would prove futile. No examinations, no routine tests, no dictations… yet gathering enormous knowledge. In common, this is what the vacation classes offer.

No need of such worries, since now a days there are plenty of ways for transforming a vacation period into occasions of learning through fun.

Another gladdening development is that in almost every children’s camp, special classes on magic have become a subject of importance, these days. Learning magic is never a torture, but a thrill for our kids. Thanks to the engrossing elements the art of awe has.

Learning magic means earning some unparalleled qualities. Magic boosts children’s self confidence and cultivates poise. Magic sparks thoughts and kindles creativity. Magic is an art – may be the only one – that can serve science, technology and theatrical talents with equal levels of captivation. So if your child has some magic to learn this vacation, there is something for you to be happy. Know that by just taking in a scoop of magic, your child is going to aspire a sea of good traits.

[Editorial of Vismayam Magical News, March 2009]

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