Thursday, 23 April, 2009

Five years of online fillip

A feather in the cap: Philip Tiju Abraham

Thiruvananthapuram: This MCA student finds time to serve his beloved art even amid his busy study. Left his home in Kerala for pursuing postgraduate course in computer applications, 23-year-old magician Philip Tiju Abraham’s Bangalore life has only strengthened his bondage with the art of awe. A former student of the Magic Academy and frequent visitor of the Magic Space in Bangalore, he practices and performs magic whenever there is free time.

Making him different is, a website built and managed by him. The site is dedicated for carrying the messages of magic and magicians of the country to the outside world. Begun as a humble endeavour, the site has now become an authentic online data bank on Indian magicians. Out of the 13100 visitors of past five years, 2008 alone had around 6000 visitors. From 15th April onwards, the site will have new theme and features. Interested magicians can subscribe to the site’s mailing group. Mr. Philip now invites all his counterparts to visit this site and become part of this largest online gathering of native magicians.


Indian Magicians' said...

Thanx a lot Magic Academy for promoting

Some of the new features of Indian Magicians' Web Site:

* Featured Member
* All Database and transaction automated
* Chat Room and Shout Box Enabled
* Video Page enabled
* Searching tool available
* Scrolling Flash News
and more.........

Do Log on to Right Now......

TinuCherian said...

Good work Philip at your site. Your coding talents are as good as your magic talents. Keep it up !

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Tinu,
Thanks for your comments.
Philip is Magic Academy's former student - a fact that would continue to make us proud.
Please spread our Alumni's endeavour and encourage him in all possible ways.
- Magic Weekly