Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Magicians, March to Magic Academy on 14th March!

Magic Academy offers a D-day for the native magic battalion

Thiruvananthapuram: A visit to the Magic Academy on 14th March would give two fruits of benefits to magicians. On that day, being offered at the Academy are two praiseworthy things: 1) an exciting teaching session by conjurer, Vijayan Kadamkode and 2) a grand Stock Clearance Sale with a bottom rock discount of 5-50% in prices of a range of magic wares.


Mr. Kadamkode is a well known figure on the stages of conjuring magic. His talents in magical art are also attributed to his highly praised skills in teaching the art. He has his own style of teaching wherein transparency, lucidity and simplicity are the hallmarks. This magic teacher has a time-tested experience in teaching magic that has been polished through years. A decade ago, he was one among the permanent faculties at the Academy, itself. For his enthusiastic magician counterparts, Mr. Kadamkode has stalked a set of very new and amazing techniques from the depths of conjuring and close up magic fields.

His class, this time is expected to empower his magic brothers in acquiring ease and pace in magic, especially that of close up and conjuring sorts.

Grand sale

A range of costumes are ready for display at the Mar. 14th Stock Clearance fete.

An extensive stock of ever-new magic wares would be available for amazingly lowest prices at the Magic Shop of the Academy on the day. This will comprise of items freshly stocked from leading manufacturers, very old and unused gadgets, one-time used materials. Heavy display of used materials from ‘Muthukad Magical Entertainers’ is another attraction. Glitzy costumes, headgears, Maharaja and other suits and electronic equipments – all used but carefully maintained – will be placed for sale.

So be there at this Academy of unparalleled features and unblemished trust. Gather as much knowledge and bags full of magic wares – and everything for a dream-like discount in prices!

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