Monday, 30 March, 2009

A bit of magic to beat this summer

Kids, make a cool catch of the magic bunny!

Yoga and branches of science would have an important place in the Magic Academy’s popular Summer Vacation Magic Camp for children. Admission for this two-month-long annual training during April-May has begun at the Academy.

The course provides learning of magical art with fun and frolic. It is also a serious and scientific learning that would turn the participants into able magicians. Tips to enhance memory power, ways to acquire problem solving skills and techniques to earn an appealing personality are also taught. Intriguing aspects of Mathematics, science and what not – even computer magic and optical illusions - are also brought to the classrooms.

Magic sessions, beginning with a Yoga practicing will be held during 9.30am to 1pm whereas general knowledge and personality development sessions will be conducted in the afternoons till 5pm.

Venues and timings: Magic Academy, Poojappura: Mon, Wed, Fri; MARC, Kazhakoottam: Tue, Thu, Sat. Call 0471 2358910 or email:

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