Monday, 2 February, 2009

Magic for all at The Magic Space

At The Magic Space (TMS), Bangalore, it’s never a matter of concern whether you are an active magician or only an admirer of magic. Your mind inclined towards the art of wonders, can fetch you several surprises at this Space. Magicians can take in as much newer lessons in magic as they can whereas the beginners can learn the basics of magical art.

For magicians
A recent communiqué from TMS informs about a couple of exciting sessions on the anvil. One is a higher-level monthly orientation course for magicians, 9th in the series, to be led by Mumbai magician, Sanjay Balsawar. Mr. Balsawar would be there, sharing some of the top secrets of ‘General Magic for Stage/Platform’. If you want to get a share from Mr. Balsawar’s magical knowledge bank, be there at TMS on Sunday the 8th of February.

For magic fans
Magic fans who have set an eye on learning the arts of awe can take happiness from this part of the news: TMS has also offered an ‘ever-popular two-day workshop’ titled, Learn Magic. Given is a note of caution that magicians should never opt for this course that was absolutely meant for beginners. The two-day event is slated for 14th and 15th of February. Ambitious magic fans may email at or make a call at 9900 970 099.

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I thanks for posting this information on behalf of The Magic Space!