Friday, 6 February, 2009

Hospitable opportunities

Magic shows are among tourism commodities.

Hospitality trade is on a rise today. Government – both State and Central – are encouraging this part of commerce with due priority.

Hospitality is a service of composite nature. It encompasses all sorts of things that would be of interest, that can sooth the clientele. Ethnic food and tranquil place for stay or a placid lake and a posh houseboat are only pairs of commodities in the hospitality market. There is a new range of subjects that are of interest to tourists – both domestic and foreign. Among them, believe it, magic shows have a top position.

India is considered world over as an enchanting, charismatic land where one would find magic rooted deep in the society. Let us offer more magic for the visitors. It was not so long ago that the Magic Academy had launched the groundbreaking concept, ‘Magic Tourism’. Magic tourism serves contemporary as well as heritage magic shows for inquisitive guests. Ever since its launch a couple of years ago, the idea has been receiving tremendous response.

Look around, the number of new era hotels is on a rise. To excel in the market, these hotels need magicians, too. Opportunity is vast. Prepare a tailor made magic to suit the cabaret parties, luncheon meets and roof top extravaganzas.
If you haven’t yet, do acquire enough stock of close up magic to tap the bliss of this booming business. Set your own benchmark in table hopping. Then take a suitcase, pack your props and start reaping the immeasurable bounties.

[Editorial, Vismayam Magical News, January 2009]

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