Wednesday, 4 February, 2009

Hey! All the magic masters are here!

Are you a magician who dreams of all the masters of magical art in the country come together and groom your skills? If yes, the happy news is here.

The Magic Space (TMS) in Bangalore has on its anvil, a fabulous teaching session titled, ‘Master Class in Magic’ to be held on 28th of February and 1st of March. You guess, the master is there. The group of teachers for the occasion would include well-known names including Prahlad Acharya, Kudroli Ganesh, Nakul Shenoy, M.P. Hashim and the real genius of modern street magic, R. Raja Moorthy.

TMS, through its website informs that the class is offered on an exclusive basis to accredited performing magicians, and the participation is limited to a maximum of 20 seats. So rush in your name and tap the potential unlimited, at mobile: 9986-012-013 or email:

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