Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

Mentalism enters the mainstream

Nakul's feat on 18th in Bangalore

Bangalore: Mentalism, the magic based on reading minds but hitherto been sidelined as one in the many categories of magic, would soon be in the limelight. Thanks to Nakul Shenoy, country’s leading Mentalism performer. Come 18th January, Mr. Nakul would present his full-fledged mentalism show at the prestigious Chowdaiah Memorial Hall here. “This is the first time that this highly successful show steps into the world of public mainstream entertainment” he states. The show named, ‘Beyond Magic!’ would be presented as an invitee-only event with a very few tickets available for sale.

The show described as ‘a realm of Real Magic where the ordinary and mundane cease to be’, would explore the uncanny, present the unusual and illustrate the paranormal. It is the youthful magician’s promise that the 60-minute gig would contain reading minds, projecting thoughts, predicting the future and a sweeping display of super-human memory.

Seats are so limited. Rush your request at the earliest at email: nakul@nakulshenoy.com or nakulshenoy@gmail.com.

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