Saturday, 20 December, 2008

Italian magicians take children to a world of wonders

A team of four magicians from Italy perform magic to entertain children at the Magic Academy

Thiruvananthapuram: A team of four young magicians from Italy has unveiled their magical prowess at the Magic Academy today (20/12/08). With immaculate sleights of hand, they took the children who were there to learn magic, to a world of fantasies. A silk inserted into the shirt pocket of a kid was later retrieved deftly in the form of a silk streamer emerging from the boy’s left ear. Not over, the Italian visitors juggled a set of white balls with amazing dexterity. During this time, the Wonder World auditorium at the Academy was filled with bafflement and laughter.

The magical visitors were members of ‘Ianna Tampe’, a cultural organization based in northern Italy. Of the four, Joseph and Elizabeth visit India for the second time whereas Daniel and Martha enjoy their very first Indian encounter. In order to make their shows different, they use to mix magic with juggling and comedy. World now seeks humor and wonder, and not terror, they strongly believe.

To research on Indian magical art with the help of the Magic Academy and to explore the martial art forms of Kerala are their major objectives. Lady members of the team have started learning Bharata Natyam, too. These youngsters dream of strengthening cultural ties between Italy and India.

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