Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Magic wand against terrorism

Poisonous drops of terrorism have started percolating into the social setups of apparently peaceful States like Kerala, too. Such evil instincts should be rooted out from the beginning stage. This is an occasion when we should not remain as mute spectators.

Terrorism cannot be interpreted as or attributed to a principle of any value. Acts of extremists lack the strength of logic.

Evils exist disguised as goodness. Extremists too sustain with their ugly faces masked with certain false causes and claims. Prima facie their demands would lure. But on close analysis voidity of their claims surfaces.
Terrorists claim they are the bravest, but act only in the dark and attack from the back. It is a futile way of life that can be adopted only by perverted minds and cowardice.

How do seeds of terrorism germinate? Terrorism never sprouts from within one’s own soil unless there is an outside force to pull the strings. In reality, these extra-societal forces pamper the youngsters and brainwash them to become characters of a pre-planned puppetry – in most cases, another form of cold war between nations. Let us fight against such instigators of evil, who inject poison into the young bloods.
Youth is a target of all. Politics, business, trade, art and culture need the very essential young bloods. Propagators of terrorism, too need them. Let us take a strong resolve not to keep our youngsters prone to a disaster. Let us wave our mighty magic wands to flush out extremism from our great secular, democratic land.

[Editorial of Vismayam Magical News, November 2008 issue]

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