Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

A day of magic and gifts for the tribal folks

A delight, jointly brought by Forest Department, Fuji-Ganga and Magic Academy

Enigma for an ethnic crowd: Not only children, but grown ups, too were carried by the magic show at the far interior tribal hamlets.

Thodupuzha, Idukki: Tribal settlements at Champatti and Kummittamkuzhi were led to a day of magic and gifts on 8th of November. Thanks to Fuji-Ganga a voluntary organization and Gopinath Muthukad, the magical crusader. Together, the Fuji-Ganga and the Magic Academy had presented gifts and performed magic to the delight of the tribal folks.

If sacks of rice and a set of television were gifts that brought glee on the faces of the receivers, there were magical messages that sent light of wisdom in their minds. In the wake of the news reports that several extremist outfits are finding safe asylum in the forests of Kerala, Mr. Muthukad cautioned the inhabitants of the settlements “not to fall prey to suspicious people who would pretend to be affectionate”. The magic show reiterated that the forests of the State are looked after by the sons of the soil, non other than the tribal communities. “You should love your forest, land, State and the mother Nation”, said the magician during a passionate performance of national integration magic.

It was a cascade of wonders that sprouted at the daylight, on the elevated grasslands of Marayur forest ranges.

There was neither a well-set stage nor proper light and sound support. But these were not a deterrent for the magic team that already holds the credit of overcoming severe challenges at Naxal prone tribal settlements of Jharkhand.

Comedian and mimicry artiste, K.S. Prasad’s presence could invigorate the mission team that had to walk through long-winding difficult forest trails.

Fuji-Ganga’s Japanese representative, Hiroshi Okado (fifth from left) and other officials with the magic team.

A horde of dignitaries including the President of Kanthallur Grama Panchayat, Geethamma Sathyaseelan, Japanese representative of Fuji-Ganga, Hiroshi Okado, President of the Japanese chapter of the organization, Jojo Augustine were present on the occasion.

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