Friday, 19 September, 2008

Leons’ silk magic makes Onam Magic shine

Leons George performs at the Onam Magic Fest at the Wonder World auditorium of Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: For magician Leons George, a teacher by profession, flowers are not essential for making floral designs. He needs just three pieces of silks to create an amazing crescendo of colours.

At the Onam Magic Fest, he passed green, red and yellow pieces of silk from one hand to the other. When the other hand was opened, it was blank. But when it was closed and reopened, instead of three silks, there was a ceaseless flow of flamboyant silk streamers.

Joining, him, Dibya Guha from Kolkata also staged a few tricks. In one item, he introduced the book, Da Vinci Code to a spectator, who was at liberty to select any page from the book.

The secret selection of the spectator was 275 and Mr. Dibya astonished everyone by predicting the first sentence of the page, well in advance.

Magician Dibya Guha proceeding with his class on ‘Patter in Magic’.

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