Wednesday, 20 August, 2008

Palakkad to have a Magic Festival

Palakkad: This district of the Malabar region of Kerala, will soon experience the thrills and frills of a festival of wonders. Magic Academy in association with the District Co-operative Bank (DCB) has set the stage ready for a three-day magic fair here at the Town Hall during 29, 30, 31 August 2008.

Adding glamour to the whole event will be evening performances of the brand-new ‘World of Illusions’ magic show performed by Gopinath Muthukad. The 120-minute-long show is well-knit with some of the newest illusions brought to the magic stage.

Not over, the three day magic feast will also have three days of curtain raiser events.

This will include an enchanting News Headlines Prediction magic on 22nd and 23rd at the head office of the DCB and an illusion stunt performed at the New Bus Stand on 28th of Aug.

These preludes are supported respectively by the DCB and the District Police. Revenue generated out of this festival will be set apart for the much-ambitious project of establishing a magical theme park in Thiruvananthapuram.

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