Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

Get the magic of red!

Editorial of Vismayam Magical News, August 2008.

Red is a colour with several unique features. Red colour primarily represents the valour, sacrifice and perseverance. The red not only points to socialism and egalitarianism, but also reminds us of danger zones in life. To paint red is the easiest way to catch the attention of onlookers to your sign boards. If these are societal connotations easily come to our mind with regard to this colour, red has more intriguing features, too.

Red is a primary colour that when merged with other colours produce tints of fascination. Another praiseworthy quality of this colour is that it possesses the highest wavelength. Second to infrared, red thus traverses the longest distances.
Red is a colour of beauty, too. The raising and setting Suns have that heavenly crimson that rejoice our eyes. Deep red flowers hold more charm than anything else. Red is the colour of Oxygenated blood. Hence it is a symbol of purity. Red is the colour of ripe fruits. Hence it is a representative of maturity.

On the magic stage, let us emulate the qualities of this wonderful colour. Let us work as hard as we can to attain the biggest wavelength for our magical performances. Let us promote our art to the maximum possible levels so that magic becomes a primary colour in the cultural spectrum. Let us practice relentlessly that our magic show becomes red in maturity. Let us transform our magic into a medium for carrying good messages so that it gains the red of purity.

In short, let us remain red with magic!

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