Friday, 25 July, 2008

Teaching the ways of freedom on the stage

Magic Academy organises Independence Day special class by magician S. Sreekanth on 9th August.

Want freedom from menacing mistakes that lock your creativity during your magic shows? If yes, you should at any cost, attend the 56th Perfect Performer Course (PPC) at the Magic Academy, on 9th August. This Independence Day special edition of the PPC will liberate participating magicians to a world free of all mistakes.

Teacher for the occasion, former Secretary to the India Ring 261 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, S. Sreekanth has fixed a very appropriate theme for his class: ‘freedom from mishaps on magic stage’. Mr. Sreekanth is ambitious of unlocking the chambers of creativity thereby empowering his counterparts against common faults that occur during stage presentations.

The class will also be a panacea against stage fear. This refresher course will be embellished with precious information on the general rules, preparation, setting routines etc. So make yourself free to attend this Freedom Day special session. Email: for registration.



Dear Sreekanth Sir,

Wishing you the very best on the occassion of your PPC lead during August



vinu said...


Wishing you all sucees in advance .....looking forwrad for your more tricks.....