Friday, 11 July, 2008

Monthly Magic Days, Illusion manufacturing unit in the schedule

Magic Academy's 12 anniversary announcements continue...

Thiruvananthapuram: Beginning with an impressive Vismayam 2008, the 12th anniversary celebrations of the Magic Academy unfurls more and more thrilling magical events. The Academy will be observing a Magic Day every month for the coming twelve months. Each day will find magicians from across the country staging the best of their magic at the Wonder World auditorium of the Academy. Efforts have already been started to rope in a leading television channel for the easy realization of the monthly programmes.

Illusion depot
One-year-old offshoot of the Academy, Magic Academy Research Centre (MARC) comes up with a large scale factory unit for the manufacturing of first-class illusion equipments. The MARC has been equipped with necessary infrastructure for producing various kinds of illusion props according to demand. First class and second quality ranges of illusions will be available at this illuison depot.

National Directory
Process has already began to produce ‘Magic India’ the national magicians directory, that is expected to become as the biggest data bank on native magicdom. Entry forms to the ‘Magic India’ directory and pictorial pamphlets on the illusion items will be soon reaching the magicians. Further information on the above projects may be available at:

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