Friday, 6 June, 2008

54th Perfect Performer Course on 14th

Nakul to give a ‘Space’ for learning

Nakul Shenoy (left) with Giridhar Kamath and renowned flute player, Pravin Godkhindi during the inauguration of The Magic Space, Bangalore.

The newly launched The Magic Space (TMS) of Bangalore that was formally inaugurated on the 25th of May, is to offer an introductory session on its varied products and services during the 54th Perfect Performer Course slated for 14th June at the Magic Academy.

The envoy from TMS, Nakul Shenoy will be handling a special session on general magic based on cards, coins and ropes. But the major attraction will be the introduction of Mr. Nakul’s own exclusive creation, ‘Essential Card Magic’. He said that with ECM, it becomes easier to stage around 90% of the card tricks. ECM was one of the sold out items at the Vismayam 2008 dealer stall. Packs of ECM can be ordered online by emailing at

The Magic Space
At TMS, you can have magical education, entertainment or purchase of quality magic goods. You can even enjoy a cup of tea and indulge in chatting with your good friends in magic.

So here is a ‘Space’ for magical innovations. Now it’s your turn to make a room for benefitting out of it. For registrations to Nakul's class, contact:

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