Thursday, 1 May, 2008

Magicians arrive with a longing for feeling the incredible India

Animated in magic: Foreign magic stars who have arrived on 30th April pose for a photo with Vismayam 2008 organisers. (Clockwise from back row)General Convenor, M.B. Sanil Kumar; Delhi magician, Raj Kumar; South African magician, Marcel Oudejans, PR Co-ordinator, K.P. Sivakumar; Fukai disciple, Shinichiro Itto; Fukai disciple, Hikari Furuyama; Kimika Fukai; Japanese magic star, Fukai Masahiro; Executive Director of Magic Academy, Gopinath Muthukad; Los Angeles magician, Kenrick ICE McDonald; Coimbatore magician, Yona and Director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala.

Thiruvananthapuram: Five out of the seven leading foreign magic performers of Vismayam 2008 have arrived the city. This includes a Japanese regiment comprising of master magician Fukai Masahiro; his wife Kiyoka; girl magician, Hikari Furuyama and teen magic star, Shinichiro Ito. Others are Kenrick ICE McDonald of Los Angeles, U.S.A. and Marcel Oudejans from South Africa. At the Symphony Hall of Mascot Hotel, Chairman of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Cheriyan Philip introduced them before media.

All of them were beckoned by the magic charm of India. Mr. Kenrick expressed profound joy for being able to perform in a country about which they had heard a lot of imaginative tales. He has come with a special edition of his performance for Vismayam 2008. Illusion, captivation and enchantment would be three major features of his performance. Mr. Fukai told that a chance to stage magic in India was precious for him. Girl magician Hikari lost words to express her overwhelming happiness. The state of Shinichiro was not different.

K.T.D.C. Chairman, Cheriyan Philip welcomed the magic guests. Magic Academy Executive Director, Gopinath Muthukad was also present. Rajkumar, a magician from Delhi and Chaplin Yona a comedy magic expert from Coimbatore joined the foreign guests, as magical representatives of north and south India respectively. When these magicians performed magic tricks to faster their friendship bondage, it became a delightful sight.

The starting doze was a dexterous card manipulation by Mr. Kenrick. Then came Mr. Marcel who twisted in to several spirals, a strong steel fork held in the hands of General Convener of Vismayam 2008, M.B. Sanilkumar. On seeing this spectacle, spectators got their logic crushed. Mr. Fukai produced a Japanese Yen from his empty palm. The currency was first transformed into two five hundress rupee notes and finally into a fresh 1000 rupees currency. Magician Jorge Blass from Spain and Mirco Callaci from Argenta is to join the team, soon.

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