Friday, 23 May, 2008

A magic boy, who fights against his fate

Ashley's boldness is the only comfort for his parents...

Ashley Vanristell with his mother Andria

This magic boy with his cherubic smile conquerred the hearts of Vismayam 2008 delegates. Even as a life threatening disease pose him a challenge too big for a tender boy like him, he is capable of pulling out rabbits from the dark of his life.

Meet Ashley Vanristell, a 10-year-old boy magician, who is suffering from congenital disorder of blood cells called Hypogammaglobulinemia. Per month, injections worth Rs.64000 is inevitable for him. The treatment has to be continued throughout his life or this tender bud will wilt at the deteriorating immunity of his body.

The meager income earned by his father and mother is nothing in front of this huge requirement. But Ashley is bold. In the world of creativity, he is a promise. It is still more admirable a model that his tender hands have taken up the responsibility of making money for own treatment. He struggles hard and spends a lot of time, besides school studies, in acting for television commercials and performing magic for entertaining people. Still, his humble efforts have limitations.

Support Ashley. Provide donations. Contact: Ashley Vanristell, Melanda villa, Tony compound, Church Pakadi Road, No - 1, Sahar Village, Andheri (E), Next to Sahar Petrol pump, Mumbai – 400099. Email:


Thomas Kandanat said...

What a fate. If announced at the Vismayam 2008 venu, all the delegates would have turned up to help the kid magician.
I hope all the readers may help the little magician financially or send at least a warm letter to encourage him to make a good fortune from his magic shows.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Thomas Sir,
Of course, we should help him.
Remember? At Kanyakumari, Ashley was introduced on stage. Immediately, around Rs.28000 were poured in from the audience.
Please continue spreading Ashley's news among your magic friends.
-WNL, Magic Academy