Sunday, 25 May, 2008

Expose the fake spiritualists, the conmen!

Fake spiritualists douse the spirit of highly literate Kerala

[Editorial by Gopinath Muthukad in May issue of Vismayam Magical News]

It is disappointing to see that fraudulent God men are on an increase even in a highly literate State like Kerala. The State has recently seen these fake 'spiritualist' and 'swamis' misusing and mutilating the art of magic, for their selfish gains. These conmen resort to magical art, with the shrewd objective of substantiating their baseless claims of being supernatural.

These men act as representatives of God and deceive the society. Creating figurines, divine statuettes and holy ash from thin air, producing oily secretions and holy powder from photos and idols and vanishing of objects offered to God, are among their usual tricks. All these are nothing, but pure magic tricks that can be performed with enough practice.

Prediction and fortune telling are also nothing, but legerdemain. When one predicts a long list of mundane troubles of another man, quite naturally, a few among them will prove to be correct. Because all over the world, earthly life has gifted a set of common problems – mental and societal – for the humanity. The listeners of such predictions, usually affixes the right ones in their minds and forgets the wrong part. Devotees normally do not question the fake 'spiritualists'. This mass psychology is well exploited by these tricksters.

Those who suffer from mental agonies and those who are in search of a way to vent their burning confession of a guilt in life, irregardless of their position in the society, fall easy preys in front of these conmen. Later they become believers and stanch devotees.

Saffron and other symbols of various religions, for these God men, are camouflage that helps them elude the eyes of the society. Amassing money is among their priorities. They easily blindfold the eyes of the society by rendering a little social charity using a minute part of their mammoth wealth.

Magic Academy admires the media and the Government of Kerala for their recent bold initiatives by that have led to the unmasking of such frauds. This gives us hope and testifies that the power to discriminate between the virtue and the evil is still there.

The Academy re-dedicates its unceasing war against superstitions and pledge to expose the real face of these fake 'spiritualists'. We will remain with the people who want to unveil the ugly God men who misuse magical basics for misguiding the public.


Thomas Kandanat said...

Yes you are right. All the performing magicians may unveil by duplicating the "spiritual" tricks.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Sir,
Magic Academy's efforts in this regard is persistent.
Please be with us.
WNL, Magic Academy.