Sunday, 23 March, 2008

P.M. Mithra's Perfection Class on 12th April

With over 25 years of experience as a leading magician, P.M. Mithra is about to offer his first Master course in Magic.

Thiruvananthapuram: Master of perfect illusions, the one and only P.M. Mithra will guide the 52nd Perfect Performer Course to the heights of magical knowledge on 12th April at Magic Academy. The veteran, well known for his perfection in meticulously handling complex illusions on stage, will be teaching on his favourite subject, ‘Perfection on magic stage’.

“During my class, I will be much frank in disclosing the techniques I have been adopting in performing and mending of illusions and also in marketing magic in this modern era”, Mr. Mithra, holding three decades of admirable career in magical art, told VMN. He also pledges that there will be at least one illusion technique taught to the participants. Mr. Mithra however has put forward a condition that all the participants in his class should be active magicians who are frequented with magic performances on stage.

“A class on illusions and stage perfection will go astray unless the participants have live contact with the magic stage”, he pointed.

Interested magicians can assure their seats by registering their names with email: or telephone: 0471 2358910. Fee Rs.100 inclusive of lunch.


thomas said...

perfection class of a professional magician. That is good.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Thomas Sir,
Mithra's class will be an unforgettable asset, for sure!
Please convey this news to your good friends in magic so that no aspirant magician misses the valuable opportunity.
- WNL, Magic Academy