Thursday, 20 March, 2008

Mridangam teacher makes a magical rhythm

[Rajeswari (left) performing magic with a message of women empowerment at Magic Academy.]

Thiruvananthapuram: Rajeswari, a Lecturer of Mridangam with the Swati Tirunal Music College here, has found a new magical rhythm to her life. Thanks to the Sunday course offered by the Magic Academy. In becoming a magic student, Ms. Rajeswari’s inspiration was her father Maheswara Iyer, a school teacher, who used to wear the magician’s coat at occasions.
At the Academy, she was led to the fascinating world of magic. After four months of relentless training, she made her debut at the Wonder World auditorium, quite appropriately on March 8, the International Women’s Day.
Away from the usual attires of a magician, she came clad in her sari, like a college lecturer familiar to all. But on the dais, she became agile like an expert magician. Her hands worked the best of their sleights and there bloomed a magic with a message of ‘women empowerment’.

Assisting her was a 10-year-old girl magician, Archana, who only recently started her stroll along the magic shores. Watching the new lady magician’s magic were senior and junior magicians who gathered there for the 51st session of monthly Perfect Performer Course led by the State’s Close up magic champion, Rajesh Chandra.
Ms. Rajeswari has now joined for the Seniors’ Higher Course in magic. She is fully aware that this magical higher study should not hinder her musical researches. He weave her magical dreams under the shade of her husband’s profound support.

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