Thursday, 20 March, 2008

Etching images of India on the sands of Arabia…

Indian Embasssies, Indian organisations and Oman Air bring India: Magic of Harmony video shows in five Gulf countries.

[Pooling messages of India: A cozy venue organised by Caravan Hotel, Bahrain is seen with its audience and dais set ready for watching India: Magic of Harmony video show]

Muscat: With 21 days of travel and a 40-minute-long video, Gopinath Muthukad could sketch dazzling images of India in the land of Arabia. The story of Vismay Swaraj Yatra the national integration magical voyage conducted last year by Mr. Muthukad and his 25-member team from Kashmir to Kanyakumari was sumptuously retold through a video travelogue, ‘India: Magic of Harmony’ screened in five Gulf nations including U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman.

[Chieftain of Round Table Management Consultancy, Hamza Meladi (Right) and other dignitaries viewing India: Magic of Harmony video show in Abu Dhabi.]

The video souvenir of the India voyage formally released by the Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, was screened in the Gulf with the blessings from the External Affairs Ministry. The event was supported by Indian Embassies, Oman Air and various cultural organisaitons.

[Indian Ambassador to Bahrain, Balkrishna Shetty honours Gopinath Muthukad with a traditional shawl.]

How the trials and tribulations of a voyage were turned into success after boldly battling a plethora of natural and manmade adversities, was explained in the show. The video could bind the Indian viewers with the soft threads of patriotism. At the same time, for the foreign audience, these visuals were awesome records of a majestic makeup that thrusts the world’s largest democracy.

[Indian Amassador to Kuwait, Ganapathi and other dignitaries on dais listen, as Managing Director of NBTC, speaks.]

Stories were there on the people of Kashmir and Kohima, who amid paining wounds of terrorist atrocities, safeguard in the depths of their hearts, a ceaseless quest for peace and unity.

[First Secretary to Indian Ambassador to Qatar, H.C. Arora felicitating the magician.]

[Indian Ambassador to Sultanate of Oman, Anil Wadhwa (left) switching on the video as Cultural Secretary to Indian Social Club, Babu Rajendran looks on.]

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