Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

Moscow magician mesmerised at Malayali magic

Elsin Alexander, magician from Russia during Vazhakunnam magic day in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: On seeing the traditional decorations made from tender leaves of coconut tree and stems of banana trees, Elisin Alexander, young magician from Moscow was greatly baffled. A guest from Samara in Russia, he was seen actively roaming from one venue to the other, mingling with the magic friends and taking video footages of the activities during the 25th Vazhakunnam memorial magicians’ get-together organised by Magic Academy in association with the Vailopilli Samskriti Bhavan and the Public Relations Department of Kerala.

A traditionally bedecked venue

He was on time present as one among the Malayali magicians for a door opening ceremony that marked the day-long celebrations. Mr. Alexander was engrossed by rounds of teaching classes, competitions and streams of magic shows. Noon arrived and Mr. Alexander for his meals had a traditional Kerala feast comprising of spicy curries and cooked rice. Eating the chilly-mixed dishes was never a piece of cake for him, it seemed. For example, Sambar, the typical south Indian preparation with chilly – red and green – aplenty, was found burning the Samara magician's mouth too much that his face turned red within moments.

Magic from Russia: Elsin Alexander getting his Malayali counterparts hooked to magic.

After lunch he had to heed to affectionate requests from native magicians for showing a few tricks. Under the cool shade of a ‘Nalukettu’ Mr. Alexander opened his magic bag. Flying cards, vanishing coins and multiplying currencies… one after the other, tricks bloomed at this deft Russian magician's fingertips. Thus led to the magnificence of Moscow magic were the native magicians.
Juggling by magician Pradeep has captivated Mr. Alexander like anything. Between his agile hands and keen eyes, Mr. Pradeep skillfully tossed objects in the air. Revolving around, as if in a magnetic attraction, was Mr. Alexander, taking ample footages of this awesome performance.

While returning to his homeland, this Russian magician will have a camera full of amazements and a mind filled with newly knit dreams. Hugely inspired by Vazhakunnam memorial magic day, this member of Moscow Club of Magic, now ambitiously wishes to add similar traditional elements to make his Club’s meeting in March noticeable.

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