Sunday, 17 February, 2008

Consensus can make magic a contest item: Education Minister

Kerala's Minister of Education, M.A. Baby speaking on the occasion of Vazhakunnam commemoration.

Thiruvananthapuram: Education Minister of Kerala, M.A. Baby has said that magic would be added as a competition item in the State school youth festival only if there was a consensus among magicians of different outlooks. He was inaugurating a function organised by the Magic Academy in association with the Vailopilli Samskriti Bhavan and the Department of Public Relations to commemorate Vazhakunnam Neelakantan Namboodiri.

The Minister said that there prevailed two groups of magicians – those who believed that an entry to the youth festival would prosper the art and those who feared such a step would only destroy the art. "If these groups of opposite beliefs sit together, arrive at a consensus and inform, the Government is open-minded to include magic as a contest item in the school youth festivals", Mr. Baby said.
Held under the Directorate of Public Instructions, Kerala State Schools Youth Festival is one of the biggest of its kind in Asia. In 2008, there were competitions in 79 items for which more than 6000 pupil tried their luck.

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