Friday, 28 December, 2007

Learning the art and science of magic

A young magician earns excellence; a tender girl learns magical basics

Thiruvananthapuram: 16-year-old Albin Roshan from Kannur and 9-year-old Swathi Suresh have at last found their right school for learning magic. Recently established Magic Academy Research Centre (MARC) at KINFRA Film and Video Park, Kazhakuttam was more than a magic school for them. MARC has offered them not only the essential know-how on magic but also strengthened their acts on stage.
Albin, who had been prompted to the world of magic by Gopinath Muthukad’s television shows, was merited through a 10-day residential Course of Excellence. Stay-and-learn proved tremendously successful.

The ambience at MARC was so rejuvenating. Even at the age of 11, Albin used to do magic using self-made props. Now the course at MARC has earned for him an envious identity in the magic domain. Along with his father Solomon David and mother Kavitha, Albin remains obliged to magician Abhinraj, the master and Chief Operator of MARC, Thomas, for their unlimited guidance. Like all young talents, Albin also nurtures that charming dream: to become a professional magician as popular as his magical idol, Mr. Muthukad.

For Swathi Suresh, who came with no previous connections with art of wonders, the turning point was the Summer Vacation Course offered by MARC. Within 9 months of learning magic, Swathi has grabbed so many accolades through her exuberant performances.
She is a student of Mary Nilayam School, Pongummoodu in the city. MARC has become the right place for getting right training in the art of magic – gratifying words of young talents, Albin and Swathi certify.


Aadil said...

Did you actually expect to win this poll against these 3 giants? Don't to ridiculous.

Aadil said...

Did you actually expect to win this poll against these 3 giants? Don't be ridiculous.