Friday, 9 November, 2007

Saluting a martyr and starting a mission

Thiruvananthapuram: It counts how you begin a mission. To begin his Vismay Swaraj Yatra, magician Gopinath Muthukad had an admirable magic commemorating valiant martyr, Bhagat Singh. The occasion was the farewell offered by the State on 20th Sept. under the aegis of the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board (KSYWB).
The resourceful magician’s latest feat titled ‘Thookkumaram Sakshi’ (In front of the gallows) had several features that made it different from usual stunt stuffs. An iron platform stood high with six poles tied with nooses, awaiting the magician who would come as a representative of the young, eternal Bhagat Singh.
August gathering
When the magician came in the guise of the martyr gazing at him was an inquisitive audience including Chief Minister of Kerala, V.S. Achuthanandan; Opposition Leader, Oommen Chandy; Minister of Law, Sports and Youth Welfare, M. Vijayakumar; M.L.A., N. Sakthan; Vice Chairman of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Kodikunnil Suresh; Vice Chairman of KSYWB, P. Sreeramakrishnan; literary scholar Dr. George Onakoor and chief officers from LIC of India and Union Bank of India.
Magic with a message
Mr. Muthukad announced his magic’s message: no more imperial forces can hang a Bhagat Singh again. Then it was the Chief Minister’s turn to select a pole from the six, for the magician to be hanged. The CM’s selection was the 4th pole.
Dramatic scenes
Immediately men dressed as the old British police, captured the magician. As he was carried to the gallows, a sensational music filled the air.
The executioner stopped at No.4 pole. The noose was tightened around the neck of a helpless magician whose hands were tied to the back. Rest of the five nooses were put around the necks of five dummies.

The hangman in dark attire pulled the liver. All of a sudden, the platforms beneath the poles gave way – a scene that forced many mild-hearted persons to close their eyes. Hardly a couple of seconds of bated breath and elevated anxiety… all the five dummies were perfectly hanged… To the astonishment of the crowd, the magician had a lightning escape!
“101 admirations to Muthukad” the CM commented instantly. As love and compliments were been showered upon Mr. Muthukad, he along with his 26-member team were gathering energy from the euphoric moments for their mammoth effort ahead.

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