Wednesday, 6 June, 2007

Teen magician’s ‘Eco-Magic’ marks Environment Day at Magic Academy

Magician Gopinath Muthukad has shown to the world that magic is a palatable medium for conveying virtuous messages in the society. He has set the ball rolling by performing a nationwide ‘Gandhi Mantra’ and statewide ‘Illusion against Pollution’ upholding Gandhian values and ecological messages.
When World Environment Day was observed solemnly at his Magic Academy on 5th June, quite expectedly, the main attraction became an environmental-awareness generating magic show by one of his young disciples, Abhinraj. 17-year-old Abhinraj’s magic messaged on certain pertinent principles of nature love and environmental conservation.
The magician distributed empty envelops to Kendriya Vidyalaya students who had gathered there to attend the ongoing magic camp. Each envelop carried, one alphabet of the word, ‘pollution’ written over it. Then he inserted strong stainless steel spoons one each into these envelops. Each child was then asked to think about an environmental pollution they knew. After a few seconds, when these spoons were taken out, they were in fully bent and twisted state, leaving the kids dumbfounded. “Environmental degradation turns our life into a shapeless state like this”, the magician announced before the gazing spectators.

Before the show concluded a few more meaningful numbers were staged by the teen magician. This included breaking into pieces and rejoining a vibrant red woolen thread to show how our initiatives could reinstate a degraded environment. To show how the soil gets spoilt by non-degradable plastic wastes, the magician had a trick of vanishing a small piece of red silk inside a bigger green one.
Abhinraj is the first prize winner in the first State-level eco-magic competitions held last year under the aegis of the Magic Academy and the Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment. Magician Manu Poojappura spoke on the occasion.


Nakul Shenoy said...


Would have loved to hear more about the messages conveyed, than the tricks themselves. Then again, it's just me!

Do congratulate Abhin on my behalf.


Magic Academy, India said...

Hi, Nakul!
Thanks for your 'green' interest. Of course, your words of praise has already shared between Abhin and Magic Academy.
Actually Abhin's performance were vociferous on:
1. Thee need for restraining from dumping non-degradable waste including plastic on soil.
2. The need for a mental change towards the upkeep of good Earth.
3. Some of the unabatedly progressing environmental degradation processes including pullution, land reclamation, sand mining, encroachment along the river and lake banks etc.
4. Health hazards of tobacco products.
Admirable at this young age, isn't it?